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Replacement Rear Wishbones

The idea was to replace the standard item with something of far greater quality than the original, and so a conversation between me and a friend (specialist welder who has worked for a number of formula one and touring car teams) lead to a rusty original wishbone being copied and a jig for manufacture being made.


Ironically the stainless steel route was considered initially but our only concern was on the weight, this has turned out to be a false concern as the original weighs around seven pounds and our replacements are nearer six !!

In a strange way it's a shame that we were encouraged to copy the original design as its hardly pretty and definitely over engineered according to the stress drawings we have analysed, however through the fact that stainless has a sheen to it our finished item looks the part, I hope you agree.

Since talking to people on the various sites concerning the Elan the interest shown has come as a pleasant surprise, we have orders for four sets and whilst our liability insurance has increased to cover manufacture we can still make them either with or without bushes for less than the mild steel equivalents, which again leads me to think that the originals were overpriced in the first place.

Its hard not to get excited about the fact that an idea has lead to orders being received so quickly, whilst I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm we haven't run them on a car yet so I'm a little reluctant to promote them fully until we have done some testing. Still a number of people have contacted me and twisted my arm saying that there beloved car is off the road until they get their new bones so as long as they know they are learning with us, that's okay with me.

See the Surrey Welding Site for further info and contact information.

Costs. Without bushes £300 each plus postage; with bushes £335 each plus postage.

write-up by Peter Bentley

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