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Jack Point Positions

HINT: the standard outer jack points consist of a large 3/4 inch bolt under the body edge. The Lotus jack supplied in the trunk/boot has a cut-out area to fit nicely around this bolt. If you try to use a regular floor-jack to lift the car you will find it will not fit the area properly and you risk cracking the fiberglass around the jack point. A clever way around this problem I will pass on to you is to place a 3/4 inch or larger 'socket' between the jack and jack point so it connects the two properly--works like a charm every time!! Just be sure you do not need the socket you use at the jack for the job you are doing!!

Jacking points:

  1. Four body jacking points are provided on the car: one just ahead of each rear wheel arch, and one just behind each front wheel arch. Each body jacking point is fitted with a conical location dowel in order to engage the hole in the vehicle's wheel changing jack. Other permissible jacking points are:
  2. Beneath the bolts securing the rear end of the front suspension rafts to the chasis front crossmember;
  3. Beneath the rearmost pivot points of the rear suspension wishbones, bearing on the lower edges of the channel section using a suitable spreader plate.

CAUTION: Do NOT use a jack beneath any other part of the vehicle, especially;

  • Do NOT jack beneath the engine bay underframe;
  • Do NOT jack beneath the rear suspension lower wishbone. Damage and/or distortion can be caused to either of these components due to incorrect jacking.

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