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Welcome to the Elan repairs and maintenance section. Here you will find a lot of information on how to fix common faults, and how to care for your Elan on a day-to-day basis. This section of the site is always growing. If you have anything you can add to the pages or this section then please use the contact form or forum to make suggestions or contributions to this site. Thank you to all who have contributed with information for the pages thus far.

Be sure to read all write-ups thoroughly before starting any work. Read the warnings on the pages, and ensure you have all of the tools and parts you require to do the job. Any alterations or changes you make to your car following our tips and guidelines are your responsibility and not ours. Please beware that you can hurt yourself and your precious Elan while working on it, especially by doing something you have not done before, so be careful.

Helpful Information

Common Replacement Parts
Specific Abbreviations
Jack Point Locations
Engine Component Locations
Diagnose CEL

Routine Maintenance

Elan Service Schedule

Suspension Alignment
Adjusting Rear Bearings
Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement
Bleeding Your Brakes
Motor Oil Changing
Transaxle Oil Changing
Changing Engine Coolant
Setting Engine Timing
Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Common Repairs

Cam Angle Sensor
Window Regulator Repair
Broken Downpipe
Fix for those Headlamp Motors
Thermostat Replacement
Broken Shifter Cable Replacement
CV Joint Split Boot Replacement

Other problems/projects

Rebuilding Rear Brake Calipers (pdf)
GM-Compatible Rear Caliper (pdf)
Replacing CAS Oil Seal
Replacing Engine Head Gasket (pdf)
Front/Rear Suspension Rebuild
Replacement Elan Wishbones
Replacing Cam Oil Seal
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Replacing the Alternator
Replace Anti-Roll Bar Ball Joint
Clearing up Misty Dash Gauges
Fixing your Soft Top/Hood Seals
Re-Dyeing Your Soft Top/Hood
Replacement Light Bulb List
Rear Brake Proportioning Valves (pdf)
Turbo Removal/Upgrade
Fuel Injector Removal/Upgrade
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