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Clearing Up Misty Gauges

Attached is a report about clearing misted-up instrument gauges. Not too much of a problem in California, I guess, but a common problem over here in England. - Geoff

A common problem in UK Elans is misting-up of the smaller dashboard gauges in the winter.

I was advised by a dealer that the way to solve the problem was to drill a small hole in the gauge body to allow air to circulate. It's just possible to get a drill to each gauge by removing the panel on top of the dash. To do this, you remove two screws with a short screwdriver, and then carefully pull the plastic oval cover off--it has 3 metal clips that slip under the retaining edges.

I did mine a few months ago and so far it has been successful. But the inside glass of my gauges was stained with water marks from previous bouts of condensation, so I decided to take out all three gauges and clean them. Getting them out is not a five minute job. It took me nearly two hours of fiddling. I found it was easiest to place a large cushion on the drivers seat and kneel on that whilst working through the top dash panel. Once out, the metal rim which retains the glass in place can be carefully separated from the plastic gauge body with a very small screwdriver. Once the glass has been cleaned, each gauge was put back together and resealed with a little sealant. The whole operation took about three hours and a lot of swearing, but is not really too difficult, providing you have long fingers and lots of patience!

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