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With such a nice looking car, of course you want to show it off. With the new option to add photos directly to the forum, you can now show off your beauty without having to go through the site administration to get it up on a page. The old pages are still viewable, as how they looked on the old site, and will not be updated and integrated as a part of the new site. You can also view the photos uploaded to the gallery at still, but as of now you may only upload your photos directly into posts in the forum.

Please have a look on the page with information on how to add files if you don't know how to do this. There are a few very simple steps and you can also upload short video clips etc, as well as normal images. Because of restrictions on the size of files you may upload, it is recommended that photos are resized and optimised. This should prevent both side scroll and make topics and photos load faster on the board. There are two kinds of restrictions, the kb size and the pixel size. In order for a photo to show up in a post, it must not be bigger than 640x480. Anything between 640x480 and 1024x768 will appear as a link in the message, and anything greater than 1024x768 cannot be uploaded. In the menu to the left you can find information on how to resize your photos.

Because of heavy amounts of hot linking (images displayed on sites they weren't uploaded to without explicit permission) in the past, this is no longer permitted. Any attempts to do so will result in the LEC logo being displayed. So if you see the LEC logo when you've copied and pasted an image from here, you can be certain that you've done something that's not permitted. There are many free sites where you can upload your photos to instead, such as photobucket. Also, please keep any images uploaded to the forum g-rated. As this is a family friendly site, we want all photos to be safe for all ages.


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