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Information on how to add photos and files to posts

You need not be a computer geek to understand how to add images to posts, but directions on how to add images could be useful. First you will find the current specifications for adding images to your post, next it will explain how to add images and the last part of the page will contain information on how you can manage the images you have uploaded to the forum.

In order for an image to show up in a post, it must be no bigger than 640 pixel wide and 480 pixels in height. Any photos between 640 x 480 and 1024 x 768 will show up in the post as a link to the image which anyone may view or download. It is not possible to upload images greater than 1024 x 768. The limit for the file size of the images is 256 kb and the maximum total size of all files uploaded is 2MB per person. You may upload other kinds of files, not only files with image extensions. Other files you can upload are: zip files and winrar files, for example. You can find a link to a page with the permitted extensions that can be uploaded and sizes right above the filename field (see image below).

In order to attach a file to a post, you need to either start a ‘new topic’ or go to post a ‘reply’ to someone's message. The message box is on top, below it you can find the option to add attachments. The attach file part looks like this:

attach file

Click on the browse button and in the pop up window; locate the file you wish to add. Once you've found it, click ‘OK’ to add it. You can type in a comment about the file if you wish. This comment will appear with the image of file link in your post. When you have selected your file and typed the comment, click on the add attachment button. Below the add attachment box you should then see the following:

attached file

You can add more than one file to each post and you can update both the comment and delete your attachment before posting, or when editing your post. The only way to add a different file would be to delete the one you do not wish to have in your post and add the replacement.

In order to manage your files, you can click on your name either on a post or on the forum index page. (Do not click to go via your ‘Profile’ as that would go to a different page.) A window will pop up with the information about yourself, as well as the information about your attachments. You will also see a link to a page called user attachment control panel where you can manage your attachments and delete them in order to get back some of your space so you can add more files. This is what the attachment information in that window looks like:

upload quota

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