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Welcome to Lotus Elan Central

Unless you have owned one, you will never have driven a car like the M100 Lotus Elan - because there has never been a car like it! What other car offers supercar performance, world-class handling, modern material design and build, hand-crafted construction, reliability, convertible fun, excellent efficiency and mileage, and gorgeous styling? NONE (at least, none that readily spring to mind!).

This site has recently undergone a complete revamp. We now have a forum that actually works, with the remainder of the site’s pages having received a similar appearance to enhance navigation and usability. The site should be easier to navigate and the information should be easier to find. But, like all good sites, work is continually on-going.

Have a look at the Elan of the Month!! Congratulations to all those who donate their car’s pictures for inclusion in this feature. Check out this page for more details.

Thank you to everybody who has allowed us to use pictures of their cars in the site’s templates. But a special thank you to Liz and Tony who continue to improve the functionality and appearance of the site while Doug and Sy concentrate on the general administration and goings-on in the Forum.

Enjoy your visit to the web’s #1 M100 Elan knowledge base.

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