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So the time has come for you to buy an Elan, or sell your beloved car. Lotus Elan Central has a wealth of knowledge to aid you in either scenario.


The first stop on your quest to buy an Elan (M100) should be the Lotus Elan Central buying guide here, packed with tips on how to get the best car for your money, next take a peek through the 'Common Replacement Parts' write-up in the repairs section, check to see which of these parts the car that you're viewing has had changed, and those that haven’t need checking for condition. If you're a little nervous or not too up on Elans and need a helping hand post a message here on the forum, and someone in your local area should be able to come help you look at Elans. Lotus Elan Central has a section here on the forum for listing ‘Cars for Sale’; this is by far the best place to start looking before your usual private ads section, as many of those advertising cars for sale on Lotus Elan Central have been keen members whose cars are among the best out there. We wish you luck on your quest for an Elan, and hope to see you on the forum, as well as at the many Elan/Lotus meets & events. Click here for some tips before purchasing an Elan.


The day has finally arrived that you've decided to sell up your Elan (M100), be it for financial reasons, pastures new, or you fancy a newer Elan. It need not be an ordeal! Lotus Elan Central has a ‘For Sale’ section here on the forum on which you can list your car for sale, take your time to read through the buying guide here, as well as the common replacement parts write-up and ensure your car’s in the best condition it can be before anyone comes to view. It's often worth spending a few hundred pounds (or dollars) to tidy up a few things, and maybe do a quick service, to maximise the sale. Be sure to collate any service history and receipts, a well laid out service history even if incomplete, gives a far better impression than a similar service history that looks like a pile of papers in a carrier bag. We wish you luck with your sale, and hope to still see you around.

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